Shipping To The Bahamas Questions & Answers


Q. Why shouldn't we ship via FedEx, UPS, or DHL, etc. direct to Atlantis?
A. You will not receive your package on time as you may be exposed to unnecessary customs duties and delays in the United States and/or in the Bahamas

Q. What does the shipping rate include?
A. The service is round-trip, door to door and all-inclusive:
-Includes the pickup of your cargo from your facility or the service may originate from our warehouse location in Miami, Florida.
-Registration of all items with US Customs prior to export, this permits the re-entry of your items without being exposed to any duties or quota limitations.
-Shipping to Nassau, Bahamas
-Bahamas Customs clearance and bonding
-Delivery to and from Atlantis
-Return shipping to your door, your next event, or our Miami, Florida warehouse for pickup by your carrier

Q. Do we have to pay duty in Nassau?
A. The Bahamian Government has provided that goods coming in for use at a convention are for the most part duty exempt. Please contact our office with any specific questions.

Q. How does my cargo get to the Bahamas?
A. All cargo is shipped on "cargo only" aircraft and ships. Thus ensuring priority one status on all of your items.

Please visit the Air Cargo tab of our website, to obtain aircraft dimensions as well as ship and container size.

Q. What is the closest date to hotel arrival that we can ship to you in Miami?
A. We advise you to have your materials to our Miami warehouse five days prior to your arrival date. This will provide a buffer in the event that a supplier or vendor is running late.

Q. We forgot to send over 1 more box, if you get it tomorrow, what is the soonest that you can have it to Atlantis?
A. You will need to our office at Laser immediately upon learning of the problem. Our staff will work with you to get your shipment to Atlantis on time.

Q. Can you guarantee clearing Bahamas Customs and delivery to Atlantis on time, even if we ship later to you than the 5 day margin?
A. We understand that complications will arise, as they often do with vendors' shipping late. We have several procedures in place to help you with last minute shipments and guarantee their on time delivery to Atlantis. Contact our office for complete details. 305-633-4274, Ext. 3550

Q. If we ship to you from different suppliers, can you consolidate the freight for us?
A. Yes. Laser International has the facilities as well as the experience to consolidate your cargo from various vendors into one shipment, thus ensuring their safe and timely transport.

Q. Can multiple individuals and departments ship cargo and be billed directly?
A. Absolutely - just contact our accounting department with your request. We can set up the necessary accounts and bill to the required parties.

Q. Where is my box?
A. With our online tracking, you can follow your shipment from the moment it leaves your door to the time it gets delivered to the attendee and returned to the point of origin.

Q. How can we find our freight once we arrive at Atlantis and who do we have to speak to? Can someone at Atlantis confirm receipt of the freight?
A. There is a Laser office at Atlantis (242)363-2000, Ext. 63688 to assist with inquiries. You may also track your shipment online at

Q. After the conference is over, we may need boxes, tape, shrink-wrap, and labels to repack the items, will these be available?
A. Yes, packing supplies will be readily available from Laser's shipping office at Atlantis. Please inquire for availability and costs.

Q. What do we have to do in order to get the freight back? Who will pickup our booths and cartons after the conference is over?
A. Simply repack your booth, read the shipping instructions, and complete the customs form at Then turn your booth over to one of Laser's personnel and you're ready to go.

Q. Do you handle the return automatically, and send it back to us?
A. Yes, either to our Miami warehouse or to your office in the United States.

Q. Will you call us after the freight returns to Miami and who will clear U.S. Customs upon return?
A. Laser with clear your items through customs and either make the cargo available to you for pick up at our Miami warehouse or ship it directly to your door. You will provided with tracking numbers, and the shipment may also be tracked online at

Q. Can you do the return paperwork from Miami to our office here in the United States?
A. Yes, our staff will do all of the necessary documentation to ensure your cargo arrives at its final destination, whether it is back at your office or forwarded to your next event.